50+ Teak Bathroom Ideas

50+ Teak Bathroom Ideas_43

50+ Teak Bathroom Ideas

Teak is a hardwood that grows in tropical countries like Indonesia and Thailand. This wood is popular for its durability that lasts for 10-20 years minimum and is easy to uphold. It even resists bad weather. If you have a garden bench which is made of teak, you will find out that it even lasts for years under everyday sunlight exposure. In addition, it is a unique wood since it can’t be destroyed by termites. It has some kind of oil and moisture that give protection against the insects. Since teak wood is very durable, it becomes a favorite material for making wooden furniture. There are actually other types of woods like Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood and Pine but teak is still more preferable for making wooden furniture. Unfortunately, it is very expensive due to the low supply. Read also: Beautiful Bathroom With Wooden Baths

Commonly, this material is the first that crosses your mind when you need high quality furniture. With its numerous advantages, people even use it for bathroom flooring or furniture. The wood is able to give artistic and elegant look to the whole bathroom interior design. Nowadays, the use of teak wood for bathroom is increasing. People love using this wood for bathroom especially because it won’t damage easily when it gets direct contact with water.

The maintenance is also straightforward. Your bathroom teak surely will come into contact with water regularly. To avoid shampoo and soap residue, rinse your teak using water. You can apply linseed oil to the teak furniture in order that it won’t dry out.

The Uses of Teak Wood for Bathroom

1. Furniture

The wood can be used for any furniture for your bathroom. You can choose cabinets or shelving systems that are made of teak wood. If you have a large bathroom, you can have a teak bench. This bench will function as a platform to shave your legs or to relax. For smaller bathrooms, corner formats are available. Using a teak bathtub is also a unique way to enhance the interior design.

2. Accessories

Your bathroom interior will look complete with the accessories. There are various teak bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, bath mats, toilet paper holders or toothbrush holders.

You can combine teak furniture and accessories in your bathroom but don’t make it overload. It is a good idea to have a few pieces of teak furniture with some accessories to avoid the overload look. Besides, items made of this wood are expensive. You had better add few accessories if you don’t want to break the bank for your bathroom interior design.

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